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Last Stop: Coney Island

Atlantic Av-Barclays Ctr (B/D/N/Q/R/2/3/4/5)

Last Stop: Coney Island

Ruben Natal-San Miguel
The photo shows photographic artwork, Last Stop: Coney Island, created by Ruben Natal-San Miguel at Atlantic Avenue – Barclay's Center.
"Last Stop: Coney Island" (2021) by Ruben Natal-San Miguel at Atlantic Av-Barclays Ctr station.

About the project

"Last Stop: Coney Island," Ruben Natal-San Miguel’s photography exhibition at the Atlantic Av-Barclays Ctr station, brings the energy and respite of New York City’s coastline to the journey along the way. 

Natal-San Miguel travels by subway across all five boroughs to photograph New Yorkers and their stories. With many city dwellers escaping to cool off by the water during the heat of the summer, Natal-San Miguel followed suit and immersed himself in the livelihood of Coney Island to sensitively capture the quiet and exuberant ways in which New Yorkers of all kinds coexist and engage with the iconic coastal enclave.  As commuters pass through the station, they are stopped in their tracks by the cinematic group images, transporting them immediately to the seaside and leaving with the feeling of having spent a full day at Coney Island. 

The exhibition was generously sponsored by Griffin Editions and Kodak Professional

About the artist

Ruben Natal-San Miguel is a Puerto Rican-born, New York-based photographer, architect, curator, creative director, and critic, whose work celebrates the diversity of New Yorkers and the ways in which they interact with their surroundings. He has exhibited widely at galleries and museums across the United States and internationally, including El Museo del Barrio and MFA Boston, and has been published in numerous publications including The New York Times and Artforum.