Grand Central Terminal, East Dining Concourse

Landmark City

Marc Yankus
Marc Yankus
"Landmark City" (2019) by Marc Yankus at Grand Central Terminal's East Dining Concourse.

About the project

"Landmark City," Marc Yankus’ new photography installation at Grand Central Terminal’s East Dining Concourse, presents a selection of New York City’s iconic landmark buildings through a unique lens that uses digital collage. Yankus highlights the beauty of the city’s ornate architecture existing in a still environment by altering the spaces around the historical buildings, allowing viewers to experience architectural gems in a new and slightly surreal way. This series of images honors the buildings of the past and their landmark status, and in the words of the photographer, “their power resides more in the realm of sensation than explicit narrative … where imagination and documentation meet.”   

The exhibition was generously sponsored by Griffin Editions and Kodak Professional

About the artist

Marc Yankus is a fine art photographer whose work has been exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum, The Library of Congress, and ClampArt. His work has been published as book covers for authors such as Salman Rushdie and Philip Roth, and has been used for theatrical posters for acclaimed Broadway shows such as "Jane Eyre" and "Doubt."