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Floating Auriculas

Dobbs Ferry (Hudson)

Floating Auriculas

Nancy Blum
Artwork in glass mosaic by Nancy Blum showing large pink flowers on platform walls.
“Floating Auriculas” (2007) by Nancy Blum at NYCT MNR Dobbs Ferry Station. Photo: MTA Arts & Design

About the Project

Inspired by an heirloom plant that it is difficult to cultivate, “Floating Auriculas” by artist Nancy Blum provides a bold splash of color along the retaining wall at the Dobbs Ferry Station, enhancing the station¡¦s natural beauty with a palette of colors derived from the red brick of the old station building. The work uses the repeating quality of the flowers to provide viewers with an energetic imprint they can hold in their imagination as they travel. Fabricated by Miotto Mosaics in glass and marble tiles, the mural consists of seven flower heads, each about eight feet in diameter.

About the Artist

Nancy Blum is a Brooklyn-based artist whose large‐scale works on paper, rendered in ink, colored pencil, gouache and graphite, portray a fantastic realm in which flowers own the space. Blum uses a variety of 16th and 17th-century botanical images, from Chinese plum blossoms to German botanicals, as starting points for each drawing. She received her MFA from the Cranbrook Academy of Art and has since become a widely sought-after visiting artist, critic, and lecturer at universities nationwide.