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Croton-Harmon Station

MNR Croton-Harmon

Croton-Harmon Station

Corinne Ulmann
Artwork in glass and mosaic by Corinne Ulmann showing various trees and plant life.
“Croton-Harmon Station” (2016/2013) by Corinne Ulmann at MNR Croton-Harmon Station. Photo: Ngoc Minh Ngo

About the Project

"Croton-Harmon Station" is a series of site specific artwork created by Corinne Ulmann for Metro-North’s Croton-Harmon Station on the Hudson Line in 2016 and 2013, respectively. Composing of laminated glass (2013), glass mosaic and vinyl (2016), the artwork depicts views of local and emblematic landscapes as they progress through four seasons. 

Installed in the windows of the station’s South Overpass in 2013, the laminated glass was fabricated by Glasmalerei Peters Studios in three layers of hand painted glass. Homes in Croton subtly emerge in the background of the artwork imaginary, providing familiar views. Each window is paired with the window directly across, so that the room is sequenced into bands of seasons as commuters walk across the space. For some, this path may allude to the passage of hours: from the quiet of morning, still full of potential, towards the abundance and productivity of the coming day. Once home, the images in reverse signal a calming down, a hibernation of the evening or weekend ahead.  

In 2016, Ulmann expanded same theme for the station’s North Overpass. The new artwork is composed of printed vinyl for the windows portraying views of local landscapes, and the floor-to-ceiling glass mosaic depicting the iconic Croton Dam, a distinctive landmark for the station and the city. Fabricated by Miotto Mosaic Art Studios, the mosaic depicts the dam from a downward angle, at the arrested moment when the calmness of the natural river meets the tumultuous movement of the dam and waterfall, creating a sense of movement and the rushing sound through the use of color and optical illusion in the mosaic. 

The artwork pays tribute to the Hudson River School painters and their establishment of the romantic landscape of the Hudson Valley. In a contemporary way, Ulmann incorporates one visual technique they practiced: using the nature as a framing element to establish an infinitude of time and space to the view beyond. 

About the Artist

Corinne Ulmann is a Brooklyn-based artist who works through a range of scales and media, from intimate artworks to large-scale public projects, with an emphasis on painting. Her work is featured on a 6,500 square-foot mural in the Hell's Kitchen section of Manhattan, and her public art commissions include NYC Public Art for Public Schools, Iowa State University and Texas Tech University, among others. Ulmann is a former design project manager at Maya Lin Studio and has taught at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, The Cooper Union and at Pratt Institute.