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4 Seasons Seasoned

77 St (6)

4 Seasons Seasoned

Robert Kushner
Artwork in glass mosaic by Robert Kushner showing flowers from every season on the mezzanine walls above stairs.
“4 Seasons Seasoned” (2004) by Robert Kushner at NYCT 77 St Station. Photo: Rob Wilson

About the Project

For his mosaics, Robert Kushner created bouquets of flowers from every season, reflecting such influences as Dutch flower paintings and Japanese screens. While there are flower shops in many neighborhoods of New York City, they are particularly abundant on the Upper East Side and the shops have associations with many of the city's hospitals, parks, and museums located in the area. As a key figure in the Pattern and Decoration movement, Kushner has always been fascinated by organic motifs. At 77th St Station, he gave the neighboring community a blazing bouquet to brighten their day (and night). 

About the Artist

American painter Robert Kushner is known for his involvement in the Pattern and Decoration movement and his distinctive decorative painting style. Kushner’s work unifies many artistic influences—taking inspiration artists Georgia O’Keeffe, Gustave Klimt and Qi Bashi as well as historic textiles and flowers. Kushner’s work is characterized by his use of rich color harmonies and bold, fluid drawing, combining natural, representational elements with abstract, geometric forms. Born in Pasadena, California, Kushner has been commissioned to create large-scale murals around the world. His work was featured in three Whitney Biennials and two Venice Biennales and is in the permanent collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the Tate Gallery in London, among others.