Accessible Travel by Subway

Options for Paying/Entering Subway System

  • Swipe your Reduced-Fare MetroCard at the turnstile.
  • Purchase a Reduced-Fare MetroCard at Station Booth (must have proper ID).
  • To enter through the service gate, ask the station agent to open the gate.
  • Most ADA-accessible stations are equipped with AutoGate. To enter and exit these stations, dip your specially encoded Reduced-Fare MetroCard into the special farebox and the AutoGate will open automatically. Customers will not be charged when exiting.

Boarding, Riding, and Leaving Trains


  • Wait near the center of the platform where the conductor will be able to see you and keep the doors open while you board.
  • Stay behind yellow tactile edge-warning strips.
  • A wheelchair should never be positioned between a station column and the platform edge.
  • Take extra care when crossing gaps between platforms and subway cars.


  • Position wheelchairs close to either end of the subway car but not blocking the doors.
  • Remember to lock wheelchair brakes.


  • If you miss your stop, stay on the train until you reach a station where you can transfer on the same platform and ride back to the station missed.
  • Ask a conductor or train operator if you need assistance.

Elevator/Escalator Hotline

We work hard to keep elevators and escalators in good repair, but sometimes they may need to be taken out of service for maintenance or repairs.

Learn more about the 511 system.