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Customer Assistance in Our System

Updated May 7, 2018

Help Point Communication System

The Help Point Communication System is a new technology program that puts subway customers in touch with Transit personnel via an interactive communications device. Each Help Point device has two buttons, a green INFORMATION button to ask for travel information and a red EMERGENCY button to be used only in an urgent situation.

More About Help Point Devices

Our Help Point devices:

  • Have an instantly identifiable design.
  • Are clearly labeled and easy to use.
  • Offer two types of assistance at one location.
  • Allow customers to speak with a Transit representative about subway service by pressing the green INFORMATION call button.
  • Allow customers to contact a Transit representative in the event of an emergency by pressing the red EMERGENCY call button.
  • Induction Loop Technology is available on Help Points as well as all station booths in Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx, and Manhattan. The new technology filters out noise for customers who wear hearing aids. Customers switch their hearing aid or cochlear implant to the T-setting (telecoil) which allows them to hear only the speaker.

NYC Transit Station Agents answer subway service inquiries; personnel from NYC Transit's Rail Control Center (RCC) respond to emergency calls.

Front-Line Employees

NYC Transit employees are deployed throughout the system 24/7. However, should a customer ever be in need of assistance, they may approach any of our employees or a police officer to help.

Station Identification Signs

All NYC Transit stations have porcelain enamel and platform identification signs in raised letters and Braille.