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MTA app beta release

See what's new in the app and a quick review of some feedback we've been getting.
Updated August 23, 2023 1:44 p.m.

Good afternoon!

Today’s beta release

If you didn’t see already, we had our first release of the MTA app beta this morning. This included some features we had been working on pre-beta as well as some small tweaks and bug fixes reported by our testers. You should get the update automatically, but check Test Flight for iOS and use this link for Android to manually trigger a download

The new release includes:

  • We've updated the trip planner preference screen to make tuning trip results easier;
  • Check out the "more" tab to find the static subway, bus, and railroad maps for viewing online or off;
  • You can favorite addresses and locations, not just stops;
  • We tweaked how we display accessible trip plans; and
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Download the app

Many folks have signed up for the beta but haven’t yet downloaded the app. If you aren’t sure how or are having issues, check out our instructions here

Feedback and the roadmap

It's been almost two weeks since we've launched, and the time and effort the team put into the product have shown through. Feedback has been largely positive, though testers have highlighted some areas where they would like to see us give a bit more attention, including:

  • Static maps (in today’s release! Yay!);
  • Dark mode; 
  • Better station data;
  • Integrated ticket purchasing; and
  • Making favorites more prominent. 

We're currently logging feedback and updating the roadmap. Our next update will include more details about what we will be focusing on in the Beta vs. what might wait until after the general release.