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The Roadmap

Updated Jul 30, 2019

For development of the MYmta app, we spoke with more than 2,000 customers and tested with more than 1,500 users to determine what features were most desired in a transit solution. Based on this feedback, we prioritized what customers said was most important.  This roadmap shows what customers want most now, and future features you can help prioritize by giving each a ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’. 

  • Unified Trip Planning (subway/bus/rail) with Integrated Google Maps

  • Live Countdown Clock information

  • Personalized Experiences including Saved Trips and Favorites (Stations and Services)

  • Systemwide Service Status

  • All New Nearby Feature to Show Services Around You with One Click

  • Planned Service Changes

  • Elevator and Escalator Status

  • Static and Interactive Maps

  • Schedules, Fares & Tolls

  • Customer Feedback to Help Prioritize the Product Evolution

Based upon extensive customer research, the following features are already being built and will launch shortly as part of our continuous evolution of MYmta and new.mta.info.
  • Account Sign Up/Sign In to enable advanced Personalization including Push Notifications that you can customize and Saved Places to Serve all your Commuting Needs

  • Exclusive Paratransit Access-A-Ride (AAR) Access

  • Access MTA eTix Directly from Trip Planner

  • Personalized News and Announcements

  • Driving Directions and Improved Walking Directions in Trip Planning

These are the features that we believe will elevate MYmta and our website to a new level of excellence in the transit industry, but what we care about is that we deliver what our customers want most. Below you can give the Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down on as many features as you want to let us know what is most important to you.
  • Real-time Map Tracking of Bus Locations

  • Real-time Map Tracking of LIRR and Metro-North Train Locations

  • Real-time Map Tracking of Subways

  • Trip Tracking (Start a trip and get live alerts about disruptions or changes to your route)

  • Live Trip Alerts (We’ll let you know when you’re at your stop and need to get off)

  • Smart Transit (Know what car on the train is the most efficient for your exit on the other end of your trip)

  • Share Trips (Send your trip location to a friend or family member; if there are delays, they’ll be notified, so no need to worry about losing phone signal connection)

  • Crowdsourcing (Similar to WAZE, customers can report incidents, crowded platform info, and other updates that will help make travel better and users will be able to confirm, comment or note that it is resolved)

  • iMessage Integration (Use the iMessage integration to share your location and more)

  • Improved Accessibility Planning (We are going beyond basic ADA Compliance and working to improve elevator and escalator information, step counts, in station audio cues for directions, and more)

  • Weather Safe Trip Results (Have the option to select trips that take the weather into consideration; never get caught without an umbrella)

  • Comfort Planning (Recommendations to Avoid Crowded Trains and Platforms, Station and Entrance Mapping, and More)