Common FOIL Requests

We receive some FOIL requests fairly frequently. We’ve put together guides on what to include with those requests.

MetroCard transaction history

To request a MetroCard history, please include the following information:

  • Time frame for which the history is requested;
  • A copy of your valid proof of identification (A New York State ID or U.S. Passport); and
  • a copy of the MetroCard (front and back).

Train/Bus Delay Letters

If the delay you need to verify occurred less than 90 days ago you do not have to submit a FOIL request, use our delay verification tool. To verify a delay that occurred more than 90 days ago you must submit a FOIL request. Make sure your FOIL request includes:

  • Date of your trip,
  • The time you started your trip,
  • Starting Station/Stop,
  • The train/bus you utilized,
  • Transfers (if any),
  • Destination Station/Stop,
  • Time you exited the destination,
  • Time expected at your destination,
  • Length of your Delay, and
  • Address where the verification letter should be mailed.