Enhancing Public Transit on Staten Island's North Shore

We are developing a faster, more reliable transit system along Staten Island's North Shore. We're doing this to:

  • improve transit service
  • support the recent population growth and economic development
  • reduce the number of cars on the road and relieve traffic.

In 2012, we completed the Staten Island North Shore Alternatives Analysis (SINSAA) Study. The SINSAA Study involved extensive community outreach and analysis by our planners. We reviewed and updated the SINSAA Study to get ready for an environmental impact analysis. The study area included the neighborhoods of St. George, Arlington, Mariners Harbor, Elm Park, Port Richmond, West Brighton, and New Brighton.

The supplement to the 2012 study

This supplement to the 2012 study provides information about the updated Light Rail and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) alternatives. The evaluation confirms both alternatives can still access St. George. This reconfirms that BRT is still the Preferred Alternative for the Staten Island North Shore Transit project.

Read the SINSAA Supplement

The 2012 study

The study considered various transit alternatives to reuse the North Shore rail right-of-way. Local residents preferred a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system over other alternatives. The new BRT would provide service between West Shore Plaza and St. George Terminal.

Read the 2012 SINSAA.

We value your input

Public involvement is a key component of the planning process. Your feedback will help inform the decisions being made. For now, we are collecting feedback online. Check back to find out about upcoming public meetings or events.

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