Queens Bus Network Draft Plan: Route Profiles

To help facilitate this conversation, we created a temporary numbering system that we hope will make it easier to discuss the proposals in this plan. Throughout this document, we will use the prefix “QT” before the route numbers to designate routes that are part of our proposals in this Draft Plan.

For example, if we changed the routing for the Q37, it would be designated in this document as the QT37 to note that it is a proposed route, and may change prior to the proposed Final Plan based on feedback from customers. 

Check out the route conversion chart at the bottom of the page to see what "QT" route is closest to your current route. 

"QT" Route Conversion Chart

Current Route Primary Street Proposed Route
Q1  Hillside Ave QT18, QT34, QT36
Q2  Hollis Ave QT38 
Q3  Farmers Blvd QT68 
Q4  Linden Blvd  QT7, QT40
  Merrick Blvd  QT18, QT40, QT41, QT42
Q5  Merrick Blvd  QT18, QT40, QT41, QT42 
Q6  Sutphin Blvd  QT20 
  Rockaway Blvd  QT62 
Q7  Rockaway Blvd  QT62 
Q8  101st Ave QT5 
Q9  Sutphin Blvd  QT47 
  Liberty Ave QT67 
Q10  Lefferts Blvd  QT14 
  Rockaway Blvd QT62
  130th St QT47
Q11  Woodhaven Blvd  QT83
  Howard Beach  QT88
Q12  Northern Blvd  QT17 
  Sanford Ave QT73
Q13  Northern Blvd  QT17, QT51
  Bell Blvd  QT51, QT71
Q15  150th St  QT81
Q15A  150th St  QT81 
Q16  Willets Point Blvd  QT48
  Utopia Pkwy  QT49
  Union St  QT85 
  Totten Ave QT48, QT85
Q17  Main St QT16
  Kissena Blvd QT16
  Horace Harding Expy QT12, QT30
  188th St  QT11, QT30, QT33 
  Hillside Ave QT18, QT33, QT34, QT36, QT38, QT39
Q18  54th St QT80
  Broadway QT63, QT78, QT80 
  58th St QT80 
  69th St  QT4, QT78 
  30th Ave QT80 
Q19  Astoria Blvd  QT81 
  Northern Blvd QT66
Q20A  Union St  QT16, QT48, QT85
  20th Ave QT84 
  Main St  QT44, QT86 
  Queens Blvd QT44, QT60
Q20B  Union St  QT16 
  14th Ave QT64
  Main St  QT44, QT86 
Q21  Woodhaven Blvd  QT83 
  Howard Beach  QT88
Q22  Beach Channel Dr  QT22
  Rockway Beach Blvd  QT22, QT35
Q23  108th St  QT11, QT58
  102nd St  QT82
  71 St QT87
Q24  Atlantic Ave QT24 
  Archer Ave Multiple, check system map
  Broadway QT24 
Q25  Kissena Blvd  QT16 
  Union St  QT84 
  Linden Pl  QT44, QT50, QT84, QT86 
  Parsons Blvd QT13, QT19
Q26  46th Ave QT15, QT30, QT31
  Hollis Court Blvd QT31
Q27  Springfield Blvd  QT71 
  46th Ave QT30, QT31 
  47th Ave QT15
Q28  Bay Terrace QT85
  Corporal Kennedy St  QT85 
  32nd Ave QT85 
  Francis Lewis Blvd QT84
  Crocheron Ave QT51
  Northern Blvd QT17, QT49, QT51
Q29  Hampton St  QT10 
  80th St  QT82
  90th St/92nd St  QT10 
Q30  Horace Harding Expwy  QT12, QT34 
  Utopia Pkwy QT64
  Bell Blvd QT71 
Q31  32nd Ave QT85
  Bell Blvd QT71 
  48th Ave QT15 
  Utopia Pkwy  QT64
  Jamaica Ave QT55, QT56, QT67 
Q32  Queensboro Bridge  QT61, QT75
  E 59th St  QT61, QT75
  E 60th St  QT61, QT75
  Madison Ave QT75
  5th Ave QT75
  Roosevelt Ave QT61
  81st St QT10
Q33  82nd St  QT10 
  23rd St QT61, M60-SBS
Q34  Willets Point Blvd  QT48
  Union St  QT16
  Main St/Kissena Blvd QT16 
  Parsons Blvd  QT16 
Q35  Rockaway Beach Blvd  QT35 
  Flatbush Ave QT35 
Q36  Jamaica Ave QT67 
  Hillside Ave QT18, QT34, QT36
Q37  111th St  QT37 
Q38  Eliot Ave QT77 
  63rd Dr QT82
Q39  Thomson Ave QT75 
  48th Ave QT75 
  Grand Ave QT77
  Fresh Pond Rd  QT77
  58th St  QT80 
  Forest Ave QT80 
Q40  Sutphin Blvd  QT46 
Q41  Woodhaven Blvd  QT52 
  Atlantic Ave QT24 
  Jamaica Ave QT67
Q42  174th St  QT65 
  Liberty Ave QT68 
  Archer Ave QT40, QT41, QT42
Q43  Hillside Ave QT34, QT36
Q44-SBS Multiple QT44
Q46  Union Tpke  QT11, QT32 
Q47  69th St QT4, QT78
  74th St  QT61 
  77th St  QT61 
Q48  Roosevelt Ave QT50
  Ditmars Blvd  QT50
  LGA  QT50, QT70, M60-SBS 
Q49  Astoria Blvd QT81
  74th St/75th St QT61
  89th St/90th St QT74
Q50  Bruckner Blvd  QT50 
  Whitestone Bridge  QT44, QT50 
  Linden Pl  QT44, QT50
Q52-SBS Woodhaven Blvd QT52, QT83
  Rockaway Beach Blvd QT22, QT52
Q53-SBS Broadway QT63
  Woodhaven Blvd QT52, QT83
  Rockaway Beach Blvd QT22
Q54  Metropolitan Ave QT3, QT54 
Q55  Myrtle Ave QT55 
Q56  Jamaica Ave QT56
Q58  Horace Harding Expwy  QT6 
  Corona Ave QT58
  Grand Ave QT58
  Fresh Pond Ave QT58
Q59  Grand Ave QT6, QT59 
Q60  Queens Blvd  QT60, QT61
  Queensboro Bridge  QT61, QT75
  E 59th St  QT61 
  E 60th St  QT61 
Q64  Jewel Ave QT14 
Q65  College Point Blvd   QT15
  Main St  QT16, QT44
  164th St  QT65 
  Parsons Blvd  QT13, QT16, QT19
Q66  Northern Blvd  QT66, QT78 
Q67  21st St  QT77 
  Borden Ave QT77 
Q69  21st St  QT69
Q72  Junction Blvd  QT72 
Q76  20th Ave QT84
  Francis Lewis Blvd  QT73, QT84
  Hillside Ave QT18, QT34, QT36
Q77  Springfield Blvd  QT71 
  Francis Lewis Blvd  QT73 
Q83  Murdock Ave QT39
  Liberty Ave QT68
Q84  120th Ave QT41 
  Francis Lewis Blvd  QT18, QT41, QT42
Q85  S Conduit Ave QT43 
  Springfield Blvd  QT43 
  Bedell St  QT43 
  Merrick Blvd  QT18, QT41, QT42 
Q88  Horace Harding Expwy  QT12 
  73rd Ave QT33, QT87
  Springfield Blvd QT31, QT71
Q100  21st St  QT69, QT76
  20th Ave QT79 
Q101  Steinway St  QT2, QT76 
  Queensboro Bridge QT61, QT75
Q102  31st St  QT79 
  Roosevelt Island  QT78 
  30th Ave QT80
Q103  Vernon Blvd  QT69 
Q104  Broadway  QT63
  48th St  QT75
Q110  Jamaica Ave QT67 
  Hempstead Ave QT38
Q111  Guy R. Brewer Blvd  QT13, QT19, QT45 
  147th Ave QT45 
Q112  Liberty Ave QT67 
Q113  Nassau Expwy  QT13 
  Rockaway Blvd  QT13 
  Guy R. Brewer Blvd  QT13, QT19, QT45 
Q114  Guy R. Brewer Blvd  QT13, QT19, QT45 
  Rockaway Blvd  QT13, QT62 
  Sheridan Blvd  QT22 
  Nassau Expwy  QT22