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Watch the Gap

Your safety is our highest priority.

We're taking this opportunity to remind you that all Long Island Rail Road stations have gaps - the space between the train and the platform. This is necessary for the safe passage of our trains.

While we are taking steps to further raise customer awareness, such as expanding onboard and station P.A. announcements as well as posting new "Watch the Gap" pictograph signs on trains and at stations, here are steps that you can take to help make your ride a safe one:

At Your Station

  • Allow sufficient time to board your train safely.
  • Remain behind the yellow safety line, away from the edge of the platform.
  • Step carefully over the gap when boarding or exiting the train.
  • Allow customers to leave the train before you board.
  • Approach the threshold straight on and always keep the gap in view.
  • Hold a child's hand when entering or exiting a train.
  • Move inside the car as you enter the train to allow others behind you to board safely.
  • Gaps at curved platforms can be a foot or more wide and require extra caution.
  • Ask for the assistance of a train crewmember if you are concerned about navigating the gap.

Aboard Your Train

  • Never touch the train doors when they are opening or closing.
  • Never lean on the doors.
  • Never try to keep the doors from closing by sticking an arm, leg, briefcase or other objects in the way.
  • When standing in the vestibule, never place bags near the door or anywhere that may pose a tripping hazard.

Customers With Mobility Disabilities

  • Customers who have mobility disabilities may enlist the help of a train crewmember when boarding or exiting trains. A sturdy, steel bridge plate can be placed across the gap for easy movement on and off trains.
  • Mention your destination to train crewmembers so that they can provide you with assistance when exiting the train.

In case of emergency, call: MTA Police 212-878-1000 or 911. 

MTA LIRR Gap Safety Video