Share your ideas for an art memorial for train operator Garrett Goble

Garrett lost his life in an arson fire while operating a subway train in Harlem. We’re creating a memorial for him at the Flatbush Av-Brooklyn College train station, which he grew up using. We want your ideas for how best to commemorate his life.
A man with curly hair and a beard and moustache smiles at the camera. Underneath are the words, "In loving memory of Train Operator Garrett Goble. 1984-2020.
A portrait of Garrett at an event where the memorial was announced.
Two women in tears stand at a lectern with a sign on it reading, "Remembering Garrett Goble."
Garrett’s mother, Vicki, left, and his wife, Delilah.

Garrett Goble, a six-year veteran of New York City Transit, was killed in an arson fire while operating a train on March 27.

His family joined us, TWU Local 100, and NYPD officials at a gathering at the Flatbush Av-Brooklyn College station, where plans for the memorial, including a dedication plaque, were announced. We’ll continue working with Garrett’s family on all aspects of the memorial.

A suspect in the case was arrested on December 18. Goble is survived by his wife, Delila; two sons; and his mother, Vicki.

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