CBDTP: Toll Information

All about the proposed CBDTP toll

When the Central Business District Tolling Program begins, vehicles that enter the CBD will be detected by tolling system equipment and charged a toll. The exact amount that you will be tolled depends on the type of vehicle, time of day, the use of an E-ZPass, and whether any tunnel credits apply. Click here for the full proposed toll rate schedule.

Type of Vehicle

The toll for passenger vehicles and small commercial vehicles – sedans, SUVs, pick-up trucks, and small vans – paying with a valid E-ZPass has been proposed to be $15 during the day, and $3.75 at night, when there is less congestion. They will be charged no more than once a day. 

Trucks and buses will pay a toll of $24 or $36 during the day, depending on their size and function, and $6 or $9 at night. The toll for motorcycles is proposed to be $7.50 during the day and $1.75 at night. Transit buses, qualifying authorized emergency vehicles, qualifying vehicles carrying people with disabilities, and specialized government vehicles will be exempt. 

The proposed toll for app-based for-hire-vehicles is $2.50, and for taxis, green taxis, and black cars it is $1.25. These tolls will be paid by passengers for each trip to, from, or within the CBD. Taxi and for-hire vehicle drivers would be exempt from the daily toll.


Customers will be able to use their E-ZPass tags as they do to pay tolls on other roads, bridges, and tunnels today. For those who do not have E-ZPass, a bill will be sent by mail to the registered owner of the vehicle. Without an E-ZPass, tolls will generally be 50% higher than those listed above. If you do not yet have an E-ZPass, then sign up today.

Time of Day

The standard daytime toll rate will apply from 5am to 9pm on weekdays, and from 9am to 9pm on weekends. The nighttime toll rates will be 75% less than the respective rates in the standard daytime period for all drivers entering the CBD.

Tunnel Crossing Credits

A "crossing credit," which reduces the CBD toll amount, will be available to vehicles using E-ZPass and entering in the daytime via one of the four tolled entries in the CBD (Lincoln Tunnel, Holland Tunnels, Queens-Midtown Tunnel, and Hugh L. Carey Tunnel). The credit is proposed to be $5 for passenger vehicles, $2.50 for motorcycles, $12 for small trucks and intercity/charter buses, and $20 for large trucks and tour buses. Please see the proposed toll rate schedule for more details. Because the CBD toll will be reduced by 75% during the overnight period, no crossing credits will be offered at those times.


Certain vehicles will be exempted from the CBD toll: Qualifying authorized emergency vehicles, such as ambulance and fire trucks; qualifying vehicles transporting people with disabilities; transit buses and commuter buses; and specialized government vehicles not intended for general transportation, such as street sweepers, sanitation trucks, and roadway repair equipment. Please check this page in the future for more information about how to qualify or apply for exemptions.

Low-Income Drivers

Vehicle owners whose household federal adjusted gross income is no more than $50,000, or who receive SNAP, WIC, or TANF benefits, may be eligible for a 50 percent discount from the peak period passenger vehicle toll rate on their eleventh trip and all trips thereafter in a calendar month. Please check this page in the future for more information about how to apply.

Residents of the CBD whose household New York State adjusted gross income is under $60,000 may qualify for a New York State tax credit in the amount of tolls paid. More information about claiming this tax credit will be available in Fall 2024.

Special Considerations

By law, for the first 60 days after toll collection begins, only the established tolls—no additional fees, charges, or fines, such as late fees—will be charged.