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Poetry in Motion

Duration 10:17

Poetry in Motion

Running video of poems read by the poets and guest readers

About Poetry in Motion

Poetry in Motion is a collaboration between MTA Arts & Design and the Poetry Society of America. The program has brought poetry into New York’s public transit for nearly 30 years, thanks to a long-standing partnership between the MTA and the Poetry Society of America. The Best of Poetry In Motion, an anthology published by W.W. Norton & Company in 2017, is available for purchase through the New York Transit Museum Store.

Learn more about the award-winning poets and artists, or locate the original artwork in the MTA system, by downloading the Guide to Poetry in Motion. This compilation of all Poetry in Motion poems since 2012 features designs by Tess O'Loughlin that celebrate the unique dialogue of poetry and artwork commissioned by MTA Arts & Design.

Now you can enjoy these poems with your eyes and your ears. Use the audio button to hear poems read aloud by the poets and other notable personalities.

Click any poem to hear it read aloud. Hit the back arrow in your browser to return to this page.