Improving Service Reliability on the 123: Switch Replacement at 96 St

Significant Weekend Service Changes: July 19 to August 26

We have intense and essential work to maintain the reliability and safety of the track switches north of the 96 St 123 station. The switches were last replaced in 1990, and are near the end of their useful life. Watch our video to learn more, and read on for detailed subway and bus alternatives including accessible travel information. 

Weekend Service Change Schedule

Note: These weekend service changes will begin late Friday evening and end at 5:00 AM the following Monday.

Phase 3: August 16-19 (Completed) and August 23-26

Local and express tracks out of service

  • 1 operates between Van Cortlandt Park-242 St and 137 St
    • No 1 service between 137 St and South Ferry
  • 2 operates between Wakefield-241 St and Flatbush Av via Lexington Avenue express
  • 3 suspended
    • No 23 service at regular Manhattan stations and in Brooklyn at Clark St, Borough Hall, and Hoyt St

Additional service

  • 4 extended to New Lots Av all weekend to replace 3
  • 5 operates between Eastchester-Dyre Av and E 180 St all weekend
  • S 42 St Shuttle operates between Grand Central and Times Square all weekend, including overnight
  • D operates on local track at night between 145 St and 59 St-Columbus Circle
  • M rerouted to 145 St via Central Park West local track on Saturday and Sunday, supplementing the C on the west side of Manhattan

Free shuttle buses

  • Bus #1 operates between 137 St 1 and 110 St C (M) making stops at 125 St 1, 116 St 1, 110 St 1, and 110 St C (M)
  • Bus #2 operates between 149 St-Grand Concourse 245 and 110 C (M) making stops at: 145 St 3, 135 St 23, 125 St 23, 116 St 23, 110 St 23, and 110 St C (M)
  • Bus #3 operates between Harlem 148 St 3 and 110 St C (M), making stops at 145 St 3, 135 St 23, 125 St 23, 116 St 23, 110 St 23, and 110 St C (M)

You can also use the M104, M5, and M7 as alternatives while we complete this important work.


Not sure you'll remember all this info?

View or download the brochure we created for this project. It includes the same map below, as well as information about the service changes and alternatives you'll find on this page.

    See what the Phase 3 service changes will look like

    Map of 96 St Switch Service Change


    Information for Customers with Mobility Disabilities

    This service change will affect ADA Accessible Stations along the 123; see below for a list of those stations with our recommended accessible travel alternatives.

    Please note: while free shuttle buses will not connect to an accessible subway station, there are nearby bus routes that do, or may even get you to your final destination.

    If you get off a free shuttle bus at Cathedral Pkwy (110 St) CM, you can take the M10 uptown to 125 St, or downtown to 59 St-Columbus Circle—both stations are accessible. 

    Alternatively, if you get off a free shuttle bus at 149 St-Grand Concourse 24, you can continue your trip on the Bx2 or Bx19 to the accessible 3 Av-149 St station.

    Closed ADA Accessible Station Line Alternatives

    135 St


    Option 1 - 2 & 3 Shuttle Buses connect at 110 St & Central Park West with the M10 to/from 59 St Columbus Circle (ACDM)

    Option 2 - 2 & 3 Shuttle Buses connect at  125 St & Malcolm X Blvd (Lenox Av) with M60 SBS, M100, M101, or Bx15 both to/from 125 St (ACDM) and to/from 125 St (246)

    96 St


    Option 1 - M104 connects to/from 59 St-Columbus Circle (ACDM)

    Option 2 - M96 connects to/from 96 St (Q)

    72 St


    Option 1 - M104 connects to/from 59 St-Columbus Circle (ACDM)

    Option 2 - M72 connects to/from 72 St (Q)

    66 St-Lincoln Center


    M104 connects to/from 59 St-Columbus Circle (ACDM)

    59 St- Columbus Circle


    59 St-Columbus Circle (ACDM)

    Times Square-42 St


    Times Square-42 St (7NQR) or 42 St-Port Authority Bus Terminal (ACE)

    34 St-Penn Station


    34 St-Penn Station (ACE)

    Chambers St


    World Trade Center (E)

    WTC-Cortlandt St


    World Trade Center (E), Cortlandt St (R), Fulton St (ACJ24)

    South Ferry


    Bowling Green (24)

    Fulton St


    Fulton St (ACJ24)

    Borough Hall


    Borough Hall-northbound only (24) or Jay St-MetroTech (ACFR)

    What’s Happening?

    We're completely replacing the switches at 96 St between the uptown local and express tracks. This intense work requires us to completely remove the switches and surrounding track, pour new concrete, and install new track along with the new switches. We need uninterrupted access to both tracks and track bed for the work to be done safely and quickly. Once replaced, the new, modern switches will help us run more reliable service.

    Phase 3 will take place August 16-19 and August 23-26, when there will be a full suspension of service at 123 stations between Harlem and Downtown Brooklyn. During this suspension, we're also doing vital work along the entire 123 line:

    • Installing new track and repairing existing track and track beds to provide a smoother, more reliable ride.
    • Cleaning drains all along the line to help prevent flooding that can cause train delays.
    • Repairing signals to improve their reliability.

    During each weekend, we'll provide alternative service options so that you can get where you need to go, including free, frequent shuttle buses connecting affected stations and extended 4 service into Brooklyn. During the line service suspensions in Phase 3, we'll run M trains up the west side to 145 St. Below is a list of every service change, separated by phase.

    Know How to Go

    For information on how to get around during these weekend service changes, use the MYmta app for trip planning and service updates. Real-time service information is available on Twitter @nyctsubway and @nyctbus.

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