Off peak fares are valid on all trains

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Off-Peak fares remain in effect on all trains, including during traditional peak travel times, until further notice.

With ridership continuing to return as the region reopens, here’s what you need to know to help plan your trip to the Hamptons this summer season.

Hamptons Reserve

Hamptons Reserve Service will not be available for the 2021 season.


Serving eastbound travelers for over 100 years, the Cannonball, our Hamptons Express train, will begin running on Friday, May 28, with open seating in all train cars. The Cannonball will depart from Penn Station at 4:06 PM – first stop Westhampton! More scheduling details will be posted in the coming weeks.

Ticket policy

LIRR one way/round trip tickets are valid for 60 days from date of sale. Ten trip tickets are valid for 6 months. Tickets are refundable for up to two years after the validity period, subject to a $10 processing fee.

Planning your trip

Service to the Hamptons is available on our Montauk Branch. You can check schedules and plan a trip online.


  • Buy LIRR tickets in advance (including one way, round trip and ten trip tickets) through our mobile ticketing application, MTA eTix. Activate your tickets just before boarding the train.

  • Buy your tickets before boarding to save money. The one way fare to the Hamptons from New York City is $22.25 off-peak ($28.00 if bought onboard).
  • Buy a ten trip ticket in advance. You'll save time, by avoiding ticket lines each time you travel, and avoid that higher on-board fare. This ticket is good for six months and is also transferable, so you can share it with friends. An off peak ten trip is $189.25.

Station Service

Hunterspoint Avenue Station
Just a short hop from Grand Central Terminal on the #7 subway, many of our Montauk trains depart from Hunterspoint Avenue. This is a convenient choice for customers traveling from the east side. A full-service ticket machine (gray) and a daily ticket machine (red) are available close to the ticket office. Please purchase your tickets before the day of your trip to avoid long lines.

Penn Station
Open 24/7, the terminal has staffed Ticket Windows and ticket machines located throughout the LIRR concourse, as well as in the new Moynihan Train Hall. Check the station destination boards or monitors for track assignments before descending to track level.

Jamaica Station
Montauk trains normally platform on Tracks 5 or 8; however, listen for announcements of track changes. Monitors are available at the street-level ticket office and outside along Sutphin Boulevard near the platform staircases, as well as on the Mezzanine level. Also, there is an information booth on the platform between Tracks 7 and 8.

On-Board the Train

Train Cars/Restrooms
Enjoy a smoother, more comfortable ride in our bi-level air-conditioned coaches with ergonomically designed (comfortable) two-by-two seating. To find a restroom on your train please locate the four-digit car number prominently displayed inside and outside of the car. All restrooms can be found on cars with odd numbers (for example, 3091).

Our bi-level cars offer a luggage alcove at the end of each car as well as space under your seats and in overhead luggage racks. As a courtesy to your fellow customers, please do not put your luggage (or your feet) on the seats or block the aisle and/or doors.

Bicycles are not allowed on peak trains and most seasonal Montauk weekend trains (between Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends). Please consult our Bicycle Policy webpage for more information.

Small pets are allowed on the trains, but they must be confined in closed, ventilated containers that can be accommodated on your lap or under the seat. No part of the animal may protrude from the container and pets should not occupy seats. Service animals properly harnessed and accompanying people with disabilities are welcome on all trains.

Cell Phone Courtesy

  • Please be courteous and aware of others around you when using your cell phone.
  • Keep your call short and to the point - fellow customers may be trying to sleep or relax.
  • If you must engage in an extended phone conversation, move to the vestibule of the train to minimize impact on others.
  • Use silent or vibrating ringer options.
  • Refrain from accepting incoming calls when possible. If you must receive a call, keep your cell phone handy so you can answer quickly and keep it short.
  • Utilize the cell phone’s caller ID or text messaging features to screen incoming calls. Let your voice mail manage non-urgent calls.