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About the $1 Fee for New MetroCards

The MTA charges a $1 for each new MetroCard purchased at a MetroCard Vending Machine, Station Booth, or commuter rail station.

Avoid this fee by keeping your current MetroCard and refilling it at any vending machine or Station Booth.

You will be issued a new MetroCard at no charge if your card is expiring or damaged.

The $1 charge will not apply to:

  • A MetroCard bought at an out-of-system vendor;
  • Reduced-fare customers;
  • Users of EasyPayXpress cards;
  • Customers who get their MetroCards directly from employers or benefit providers;
  • Customers who purchase a combination railroad/MetroCard ticket.

MTA produces nearly 160 million MetroCards each year at an annual cost of $10 million. Many of these cards are used once and then discarded, often ending up as litter in the system. By refilling your MetroCard, you avoid the $1 new card fee, reduce MTA expenses, and help the environment.