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Feedback & Concerns FAQs

Updated Aug 7, 2020
How can I submit a complaint or commendation, make a suggestion, or request information?

We welcome feedback about our service, personnel, equipment, facilities, communications or anything else related to the MTA.

  • Click here to send an email to our customer support team.
  • To contact us by phone, click here for a complete listing of phone numbers.
  • To send mail, click here to find the mailing address for the MTA division or department you wish to contact.
  • You may also find us on Twitter
If my bus, subway train or commuter rail train is late, can I get a letter for my employer?

Yes, MTA will provide delay verification letters.

  • For a subway train delay, fill out a request online.
  • To verify a bus delay, please call New York City Transit Customer Services at 511 between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m., seven days a week.
  • Click here for instructions on how to obtain Confirmation of Delay slips for Metro-North, and here to get the same information for LIRR.

For letters about incidents on MTA Bridges and Tunnels facilities, click here.

What do I do if I lose something on a train or bus, or at a station?

If you lose something during your travels, you can file a free Lost & Found claim.
Use the links below for information on how to submit your claim.

New York City Transit - MTA Bus: http://lostfound.mtanyct.info/lostfound/

Long Island Rail Road: http://as0.mta.info/lirr/lirr_lnf/

Metro-North Railroad: http://as0.mta.info/mnr/found/web_home_ie.cfm

What do I do if I have a problem with a MetroCard Vending Machine or a Ticket Vending Machine?

For a problem with a MetroCard Vending Machine, use eFix located here. You can also call 511 between 6 a.m. and p.m.

For Subways and Buses: Say "Subways and Buses" and then "MetroCard”. When prompted, press #3 and then select the option that best describes the problem you’re having. 

For Long Island Rail Road: Say "Long Island Rail Road", then select "More Options", and ask for "Ticket Machines".

For Metro-North: Say "Metro-North", then select "More Options", and ask for "Ticket Machines".

I’d like to work for the MTA. How do I apply?

We truly appreciate your interest. Visit our Employment page for full details about what positions may be available and how you can apply.

Can I bring my bike aboard the subway, buses, LIRR, or Metro-North?

Full-size bicycles may not be brought onto MTA buses, but folding bikes are allowed on local and limited (but not express) buses. You may carry your bike onto the subway (subject to certain rules on Staten Island Railway), but we don’t recommend that you board with it during rush hours and ask that you remain considerate of your fellow passengers by standing with your bike, moving it so others can pass, and not blocking doors.

Bicycles are allowed aboard LIRR and Metro-North trains at most times outside of rush hours and major holidays, but a permit is needed. Click here for full details and to learn how you can obtain your $5 lifetime bicycle permit.

Can I bring my pet on Metro-North Railroad?

Small pets are permitted subject to approval by the conductor. Pets must be enclosed in a kennel or carrier, or secured on a leash throughout the trip. They should not occupy seats or bother other customers.

Service animals that are properly harnessed and accompanying people with disabilities are always welcome in MTA´s network.

Can I bring my pet on Long Island Rail Road?

Small pets are permitted as long as they are carried in kennels or containers that can fit on your lap without inconveniencing other customers. No part of the pet should stick out from the kennel or container. Pets should not occupy seats or bother other customers.

Service animals that are properly harnessed and accompanying people with disabilities are always welcome in MTA´s network.

Can I bring my pet on MTA buses or subways?

Small domestic pets are permitted on the subway and on buses of New York City Transit and MTA Bus only when they are carried in kennels or similar containers that can be accommodated by you on your lap without annoyance to other passengers. No part of the animal may protrude from the container and pets should not occupy seats.

Service animals properly harnessed and accompanying people with disabilities are always welcome in MTA´s network.

I don’t see the answer I was looking for. How can I ask about something else?

We’re sorry you can’t find the information you need. Please call 511 to speak with one of our representatives, or click here to send us a message..