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Fares & Tolls FAQs

Where do I find information about fares and tolls?

Click here for a full list of current fares and other information for MTA New York City Transit buses and subways, MTA Bus, the MTA Staten Island Railway, MTA Long Island Rail Road, MTA Metro-North Railroad, and MTA Bridges and Tunnels.

Where do I find out about monthly tickets for the railroads?

Both Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North Railroad offer monthly commutation tickets at a discount from the peak fare. The tickets are good for unlimited rides in a calendar month. Go to LIRR monthly commutation ticket or Metro-North monthly commutation ticket for details.

Do Long Island Rail Road, NICE Bus, and Metro-North Railroad offer discounts to senior citizens, Medicare cardholders, or people with disabilities?

Yes! Seniors 65 and over (60 for NICE Bus riders), Medicare cardholders and those with qualifying disabilities can travel on Long Island Rail Road, NICE Bus, and Metro-North Railroad for half-price. This rate is available for any purchase method - including onboard trains - by presenting ONE of these forms of identification:

  • Driver´s license or other form of government-issued identification card showing date of birth
  • Medicare Card (Medicaid cards not accepted)
  • MTA Reduced-Fare MetroCard
  • New York City Department of Aging ID Card
  • Access-A- Ride, Able-Ride (NICE) or ParaTransit (Bee-Line) identification card
  • MTA Reduced-Fare ID Card (pre-1995)
  • Suffolk County Accessible Transportation (SCAT) card
  • Valid passport from any country

Eligible customers pay half fare 24 hours a day on NICE Bus and, with a Reduced-Fare MetroCard, can lower their fares even more by taking advantage of MetroCard discounts. On Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North Railroad, eligible customers pay reduced fare at all times except during weekday AM rush hours (between 6 and 10 AM) on trains arriving at New York City terminals.

Can I get a refund if I have a monthly or weekly LIRR or Metro-North commutation ticket and won’t be using it an entire month?

If you turn in your commutation ticket before the end of the month (or week), we must charge you the combination of one-way and/or weekly fares for the days you had the ticket. While the full monthly or weekly discount can’t be offered if the ticket is turned in early, you get the most cost-effective rate for the lesser period actually traveled.

In most cases, no refundable value remains on a monthly ticket after the 18th of the month. You may obtain a refund form and turn in the ticket at your local ticket office or any main terminal. For Metro-North refund information and a claim form, click here. For LIRR refund information and a claim form, click here.

For how long are 10-trip tickets valid?

A 10-trip ticket is valid for travel or refund for six months from the date of purchase.

What forms of payment are accepted at Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North Railroad Ticket Vending Machines?

You can pay with major credit cards (American Express, MasterCard, Novus/Discover, VISA); ATM/debit cards including NYCE and MAC; bills up to $50, and all coins (including dollar coins) except half-dollars and pennies. Ticket Vending Machines can return up to $17.75 in coin change.