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Accessibility FAQs

Updated Oct 18, 2018
What is Access-A-Ride?

Access-A-Ride is a shared, paratransit service for people with disabilities who are unable to use public bus or subway service for all or part of their trip. When you contact us to reserve a ride, the service will provide door-to-door transportation to your destination. Transportation service is shared with other passengers.

Access-A-Ride is administered by New York City Transit (NYCT) via private carriers working under a contract with the NYCT. The NYCT Guide to Access-A-Ride provides detailed information about how the program works, including how to apply and how to arrange for a trip.

Do Long Island Rail Road, NICE Bus, and Metro-North Railroad offer discounts to senior citizens, Medicare cardholders, or people with disabilities?

Yes! Seniors 65 and over (60 for NICE Bus riders), Medicare cardholders and those with qualifying disabilities can travel on Long Island Rail Road, NICE Bus, and Metro-North Railroad for half-price. This rate is available for any purchase method - including onboard trains - by presenting ONE of these forms of identification:

  • Driver´s license or other form of government-issued identification card with date of birth
  • Medicare Card (Medicaid cards not accepted)
  • MTA Reduced-Fare MetroCard
  • New York City Department of Aging ID Card
  • Access-A-Ride, Able-Ride (NICE) or ParaTransit (Bee-Line) identification card
  • MTA Reduced-Fare ID Card (pre-1995)
  • Suffolk County Accessible Transportation (SCAT) card
  • Valid passport from any country

Eligible customers pay half fare 24 hours a day on NICE Bus and, with a Reduced-Fare MetroCard, can lower their fares even more by taking advantage of MetroCard discounts.

On Long Island Rail Road and the Metro-North Railroad, eligible customers pay the reduced fare at all times except during weekday AM rush hours (between 6 and 10 AM) on trains arriving at New York City terminals.