MTA Real Estate

Retail + Leasing

The MTA Real Estate Department leases retail spaces throughout the MTA's service area, a 5,000-square-mile area with about 15.1 million residents extending from New York City through Long Island, southeastern New York State, and Connecticut.

Retail opportunities in the MTA system range from newsstands and cafés to bookstores and full-service restaurants. In addition, the Real Estate Department leases and licenses parking lots and industrial space throughout the MTA service area.


The MTA's rights-of-way and other properties can provide a route or location for telecommunications and other utility installations that provide services to our customers and communities throughout our operating area. The MTA works with private and public sector organizations to allow such installations on MTA properties.

To explore opportunities to install new or use existing conduits and ducts, or install equipment such as towers, antennas, and ground-based facilities for wireless communications, contact:

Marlon Holford
Senior Real Estate Manager

Metropolitan Transportation Authority
2 Broadway, 4th Floor
New York, New York 10004

Telephone: 212-878-7439

Learn more about retail and other leasing and licensing opportunities.

Grand Central Terminal

Image of clock in Grand Central Terminal

The MTA's Grand Central Terminal is a major New York City destination for transportation, shopping, dining, fresh food, public events, and entertainment, with over 500,000 visitors every day. The terminal houses more than 90 retail operations, including restaurants, stores, and food shops.

Vanderbilt Hall, situated adjacent to the Main Concourse of Grand Central, is a spectacular setting for special public and private events including corporate functions, benefits, and exhibits.

Learn more about events, event planning, and sponsorship at Grand Central Terminal.

Sales and Development Opportunities

Occasionally, property within the MTA network is available for sale. These properties are advertised in newspapers and are listed on the MTA Real Estate department's website.

Getting Permission to Use MTA Property

Our staff can help you determine what property is controlled by the MTA and, if necessary, help you obtain the necessary license or permit and requirements for insurance. You can start your research by getting a tax map from your municipality and locating the county/borough, block, and lot number of the property in which you are interested.

Please send us this information, along with the proposed use, how long you wish to use the property, and, if possible, a map.