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Access-A-Ride Advisory Committee (PAC)

MTA New York City Transit's Paratransit Advisory Committee (PAC)

Committee Guidelines


This advisory body is created to serve as a liaison to the disabled community. The Paratransit Division will seek the committee’s comments on proposed changes in service, policies and procedures. It is expected that the committee will discuss matters with the constituents it represents and share the community’s concerns with the Paratransit Division. Meetings should provide a forum for an open exchange of ideas and opinions.

The Paratransit Division will consider the committee’s comments in making its decisions. However, final decisions are solely the responsibility of the Paratransit Division.


Number: A maximum of 15 members, from the five boroughs of New York City who are AAR customers and/or representatives of disability organizations.

Appointments: The Selection Committee shall choose 15 members to serve on the PAC. The Selection Committee is comprised of the Vice President of the Paratransit Division, the Commissioner of the Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities (MOPD), a representative chosen by the disabled community and the chair and vice chair of the PAC. Committee members shall possess the qualifications and be able to perform the duties described in the attached job description.

Terms: PAC members shall serve one-year renewable terms.

Vacancies: The Paratransit Division will distribute a notice of solicitation of candidates for the PAC to disability advocacy organizations for distribution to their constituents. The Paratransit Division will collect letters of interest from candidates for the PAC for review by the Selection Committee.  The Selection Committee will review the collected letters of interest and choose members to fill vacancies on the PAC.

Attendance: PAC members shall attend all meetings. Two unexcused consecutive absences from PAC meetings shall be grounds for removal from the PAC.

Committee Chair: The PAC will choose from among its members a chair and vice chair of the PAC. The chair is responsible for soliciting committee members for meeting agenda items and for chairing PAC meetings. The vice chair assumes the responsibilities of the chair when the chair is unavailable.

Committee Agenda: The PAC chair or vice chair shall solicit one agenda item from the PAC members and submit it to the Paratransit Division at least two weeks prior to the meeting. The Paratransit Division will add one agenda item to the agenda and distribute it to the PAC prior to the meeting.

Subcommittees: Subcommittees of the PAC will be established as needed.

Other Participants: At times it may be beneficial to have a representative of a governmental department, office or committee participate in committee meetings, such as the Mayor’s Office for People With Disabilities, the New York City Department for the Aging, and the New York City Department of Transportation.

Removal: PAC members may be removed for cause (such as inability to fulfill duties of a PAC member or failure to meet the attendance requirements). A PAC member may be recommended for removal by the Vice President of the Paratransit Division or by any member of the PAC. The Vice President of the Paratransit Division will consult with the Selection Committee prior to recommending removal of a member. The PAC member will be removed upon a 51 per cent vote for removal by the voting members of the PAC.

Amendments to PAC Guidelines

NYC Transit may amend these Guidelines upon notice to the PAC and with an opportunity to comment. The PAC may propose amendments to the Guidelines upon a two-thirds vote of the voting members. The decision of the NYC Transit Paratransit Division is final.

Membership Criteria


To comment on policy and procedure initiatives and service changes proposed by MTA New York City Transit with respect to its paratransit services. To assist in identifying and suggesting solutions where policies, procedures, or service performance cause widespread adverse impact on Access-A-Ride registrants.


Must be an Access-A-Ride customer and /or a representative of a disability organization from the five boroughs of New York City. Should have a diverse educational or occupational background (individuals with experience in paratransit are desirable). Should have working familiarity with the Americans with Disabilities Act transportation regulations, good analytical skills and be able to review or formulate policies and procedures. Should also be able to work in a constructive manner in a group situation. Preferable if has experience working on transportation issues.


  • Must regularly attend PAC meetings
  • Must review the agenda and materials distributed to members prior to meetings and be prepared to discuss agenda items.
  • Must demonstrate the ability to work on issues related to planning, development and provision of paratransit services.

Paratransit Advisory Committee (PAC)

October 3, 2017

  • Thomas J. Coppola
    AARP Chapter, Vice President
    Vice President of Several Senior Organizations
    Resides: Staten Island
  • Lyudmila Demikhovskaya 
    Disabled in Action (DIA), Board member
    Brooklyn Borough President’s Advisory Council for People with Disabilities
    Joint Public Affairs Committee for Older Adults, 
    Institute for Senior Action (JPAC-IFSA)
    Resides: Brooklyn
  • David H. DePorte, PAC Chair
    Committee for Accessibility of the Episcopal Diocese of New York, Chair
    Guide Dog Users of New York, Vice President
    Resides: Manhattan
  • Ketrina Hazell
    United Cerebral Palsy
    Youth Advisory Panel for Special Education
    Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities Youth Council Committee
    CUNY Coalition for Students with Disabilities
    Resides:  Brooklyn
  • Mindy J. Jacobsen 
    National Federation of the Blind of New York State, First Vice President
    NFB NYC Chapter, President
    Resides: Brooklyn
  • Sharlene Kraft 
    Queens Advisory Board of Visions 
    Resides: Queens
  • John Moynihan 
    County of Westchester Transportation Advisory Committee
    City of Yonkers Mayor’s Disability Advisory Board - Member
    The Greater NY Chapter of the National Spinal Cord Injury Association – Board Member
    Resides: Yonkers
  • Ellen Rubin 
    Greater New York Council of the Blind, Recording Secretary 
    Pedestrians for Accessible and Safe Streets (PASS), Steering Committee Member
    City Access New York, Board Member
    Resides: Manhattan
  • Jean Ryan 
    Disabled In Action, Second Vice President Public Affairs 
    Special Project Taxis for All Campaign 
    Resides: Brooklyn
  • Tucker B. Salovaara
    Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities Youth Council
    Resides: Manhattan
  • Ken Stewart 
    Metropolitan Council of Low Vision Individuals (a local chapter of the Council of Citizens with Low Vision International), President Transportation Committee of Manhattan Community Board 4, Member
    Resides: Manhattan
  • Sharada Veerubhotla
    Affiliations: Lavelle School for the Blind, Bronx, NY
    Resides:  Queens
  • RueZalia Watkins
    Affiliations: Independence Care Systems (ICS)
    Resides: Bronx
  • Stanley Weinblatt 
    Community Board 8, First Vice Chair
    Stephenson Regular Democratic Club, President
    Resides: Queens