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Access-A-Ride Task Force


The Access-A-Ride Task Force strives to establish a model of paratransit service delivery that improves the customer experience by examining the safety, reliability, modernity, convenience, and ease of service to our customers. In doing so, the Task Force will review existing and planned investments, communications, partnerships, and priorities and make recommendations to achieve the following goals:

Improve Safety

  • Review current driver training and safety programs and policies.
  • Regularly monitor incident and accident rates, and customer feedback; adapt training program content as needed.

Improve Reliability

  • Expand real-time, on-demand trip options through e-hail pilot.
  • Reduce vehicle wait times and journey times with the purchase of new scheduling software, new vehicles, and more e-hail partnerships with vendors.
  • Reduce trip time duration by increasing the percentage of direct trips.
  • Manage capital and operating expenditures to best improve customer experience.
  • Increase frequency of vehicle location updates from every two minutes to every 30 seconds.
  • Develop three-year strategic plans based on capital needs and ridership trends (2018-2020).

Improve Modernity

  • Use GPS technology in vehicles and with brokers to provide more accurate ETA and tracking capability.
  • Enhance website by offering online trip booking for Dedicated Carriers and broker service.
  • Develop and launch the Access-A-Ride app.

Improve Convenience

  • Create smartphone app and enhance website to allow customers to track vehicles in real time.
  • Work with internal and external stakeholders to expand the number of accessible vehicles in the FHV industry.

Improve Ease

  • Ensure customers can access information and use services quickly, easily, and in ways that are most accessible to them.
  • Ensure that a range of communication options are continuously accessible and available to support a range of customer preferences.
  • Review comparable applications from other agencies to shorten and streamline MTA’s Access-A-Ride app.

Improve Communications

  • Launch and improve public dashboard for Access-A-Ride and highlight major milestones at Board meetings.
  • Enhance website with more relevant and timely information and news.
  • Ensure a customer feedback process that is easy to use and responsive to customer needs.
  • Engage with internal and external stakeholders to share updates on initiatives and seek feedback.
  • Together with staff, partner with external stakeholders on policies and plans impacting paratransit service (e.g., NYC Council, TLC, MOPD, NYC DOT, advocates).